Kitchen Remodel!

White kitchen remodel

I’m so excited to share our kitchen remodel! It was a whirlwind month and half but now it’s done and we LOVE it! I’m a total novice at home renovations, but I had some great help and wonderful contractors and could not be more pleased with how it all came together. All details are shared below.

We were not planning on doing a kitchen remodel when we decided to buy this house, but during the home inspection, toxic mold was discovered under the dishwasher from a previous water leak that was not properly remediated. We loved the home and decided to move forward with the purchase anyway, knowing it would mean a lot of work and expense. Thankfully the sellers agreed to help pay for some of the cost of the mold remediation. As soon as we realized how much of the kitchen would need to be removed, we decided to just redo the entire thing! From there, it snowballed into basically a complete home remodel.

As a first-timer at home renovation, I was so intimidated by this, not even knowing where to start. But when half the kitchen was torn out on Day 1 of ownership, it was baptism by fire and we learned quick! Playing general contractor with 3 little kids in tow was no joke, but I was determined to get the job done by Thanksgiving.

We closed on the house on October 21st and moved in November 20th (just less than a MONTH) and the entire home was complete except the counter tops, kitchen sink and backsplash which was finished just a few days later. It felt a bit like Extreme Home Makeover when we had up to probably 8 guys working in the house at a time. I dragged the kids around the city to counter top stores, flooring stores, tile stores, cabinet stores etc. It felt like I was running a circus. In the evenings I Pinterested like crazy. Talk about decision fatigue! I reconnected with a childhood friend who has a GIFT for this stuff, and she coached me through every step of the way. I didn’t leave any store without messaging her on Marco Polo first! I seriously could not have done it without her.

From the day after we closed until the day before we moved in, we had at least one person working on the house every day except one. The mold remediation took about 5 days. By the end of Day 1, all the flooring, as well as the counter and cabinets from the peninsula to the oven were completely torn out to the studs. The kitchen was sealed off while the mold was removed. From there, we were able to move on to drywall, cabinets, flooring, counters, plumbing, backsplash, under-cabinet lighting, electrical, etc. We were exceptionally fortunate to find wonderful contractors and all supplies in stock (a rarity these days!).

As stressful and crazy as the whole process was, I kind of loved it. It took a lot of coordinating but that’s kind of where I thrive. It was exciting to see everything come together, and we were so pleased with how it all turned out. It went way smoother and faster than expected – a miracle!

Overall, I’m glad we did it and I’m glad it’s done! Take a look at some before and after photos below. For a total beginner who struggles with design/decorating, I think it’s not too shabby! I can’t wait to show more of the house as we finish decorating. With 3 little kids, I’m going to go enjoy the kitchen now because it will never be this clean again.

Threshold counter stools
white quartz counter
White pantry
Sooo excited to be able to add an extra pantry in the kitchen but still have room for my computer.
I’m in a phase of life where I need it to be in the middle of everything, so this worked perfectly!
White kitchen remodel
The kitchen on Day 1 of Ownership. Yikes!
The kitchen was sealed off for about 5 days for mold remediation.
When we saw how much had to be torn out, we decided to just remodel the whole thing!
Mold remediation done! Counter completely gone from the oven, all the way around to the peninsula – gone!
Making progress!
Sleepy baby at the counter store.
The general contractor and her “super helpful” crew. The two older kids watched a lot of TV that month…

The Details:

Cabinets: H Cabinet Inc, Installed by BeyondRemodelLLC
Flooring: Luxury Vinyl Plank – Coretec Pro Plus, color Springfield Oak, from Flooring Liquidators
Counters: Mara Blanca Quartz by MSI, Installed by Leader Granite
Kitchen Sink: Home Depot
Backsplash: Bedrosians Cloe White, Installed by BeyondRemodelLLC
Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray
Baseboards: Lowes
Baseboard Paint: Benjamin Moore Simply White
Cabinet Pulls: Costco
Cabinet Knobs: Amazon
Counter stools: Target
Floating Shelves: Target
Faucet: Hand-me-down from my brother (Thanks, Kyle!)
Shelf decor: Ross, Homegoods, Walmart, etc.
Appliances: Samsung from BestBuy
Mold Remediation: EcoPure Restoration
Counter back panel: The Home Depot
Under-cabinet lighting, new recessed lights and new outlets: The Home Depot
Home Offer Letter that helped us purchase the house: LuckyYouPrintables


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