DIY Easter Gifts with Mason Jars and Peeps!

Peeps be unto you_small


I’m not sure anybody actually likes the taste of Peeps, but how can you possibly resist something so lovable, squishable, and just plain adorable. Plus, they’re called Peeps for heaven’s sake. This brings us to these slightly ridiculous, yet totally heart-melting Easter gifts, that are practically saying, “Try not to smile. Just try.” Perfect for party favors, co-worker/neighbor gifts, or even Easter table place setters, these jars are bound to be a success with anyone.

To make these jars of Peeps, you’ll only need a few things.

  • Mason jars or cellophane treat bags
  • Jar labels
  • Cadbury eggs
  • Ribbon
  • Peeps

First off, download these labels from Lucky You Printables on Etsy. (UPDATE: Sadly, these specific Peeps labels are no longer available, but there are a few other cute Easter ones Here and Here.) They’re only $1.98 and are pre-formatted to fit round Avery 22830 sticky labels. If you want to go the cheaper route, you can also print them on sheets of label paper, or even cardstock and cut them out with a circle cutter, a 2.5 inch hole punch, or a pair of scissors with a steady hand.

To assemble:

Start off with a bag of Cadbury eggs, A.K.A crack.

Cadbury eggs_small

Fill a mason jar about 1/3 of the way full. I dare you not to eat one, or two, or sixteen…

Eggs in jar_small

Next carefully fill the jar with Peeps, however you can get them to fit so they don’t look like a bunch of thirteen year-old girls at a Justin Beiber concert. (harder than it looks!)

Peeps in jar_small

Place the lid on top.


And tie an Easter colored ribbon around the jar.


Voila! Peeps be unto you!

Peeps be unto you jar label_small

Try the yellow ones too!

Peeps be unto you jar label

Aww, look at them…

Peeps be unto you jar label 3_small

Just can’t get enough of these!

Peeps be unto you jar label 4_small


If you don’t want to deal with mason jars, these labels work just as well on little treat bags.

Easter label

This one’s a fun label too. Also available at Lucky You Printing.

Easter label


And now, for the best part…time to put those leftover Peeps in the microwave and watch those babies grow! I’m telling you, if you’ve never microwaved a Peep, well, you’ve haven’t lived.

DIY Winter Mason Jar Labels

DIY snowman mason jar labels

Christmas may be over, but winter sure isn’t! We’ve got a solid three months of snowy weather left around here, so I’m thinking a fun little hot chocolate party might just be in order. Or any party, really.

These DIY mason jar labels are the perfect touch to turn a plain old jar into something worth giving. They make a great party favor, or are a cheap way to say thanks.

Here’s how to make them:

1. Download the PDF file from LuckyYouPrintables here.

2. Print the document onto full sheets of 8.5×11 label paper. It also works to use card stock and tape, but label paper is easier and just looks better. Consider waterproof label paper to keep the colors from bleeding if splashed.

3. Use a circle cutter, or a 2.5-inch hole punch to cut out the labels. If you have a steady hand, you can use a pair of scissors, but again, the circle cutter just looks better.

4. Fill jars with whatever you’d like. You can use them for canned goods such as jam, salsa or applesauce, or make them into a mini hot chocolate gift. Fill with a few scoops of hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, and a couple hard peppermint candies. Really, these labels can be used for anything.

5. Fasten lids on jars, and make sure the lid surface is clean and dry. Remove the labels from the backs, and stick onto the jar lids. Depending on the jar lid size, some of the label may be covered by the lid ring. With typical wide-mouthed jars, the label will be completely visible even with the ring on. I think they look great either way.

6. For added flair, tie a ribbon or twine around the jar.

7. That’s it! Use them as party favors for holiday get-together, baby showers, birthday parties and more. They also make great cheap gifts for neighbors, teachers and co-workers.

DIY winter mason jar labels

DIY snowman jar labels

DIY snowflake mason jar labels  Christmas mason jar labels