Natalie and Cru {married} – Provo, UT wedding photography

This wedding MAY or may not have happened in August, and I MAY or may not be just posting about it now. Not because I didn’t love the wedding! I could believe the gorgeous attention to detail at this reception. Everything was handmade and perfect to the final touch.

NatalieCruReception011 NatalieCruReception017 NatalieCruReception024 NatalieCruReception029 NatalieCruReception030 NatalieCruReception035 NatalieCruReception039 NatalieCruReception044 NatalieCruReception053 NatalieCruReception056 NatalieCruReception061 NatalieCruReception066 NatalieCruReception069 NatalieCruReception072 NatalieCruReception079 NatalieCruReception080 NatalieCruReception083 NatalieCruReception085 NatalieCruReception088 NatalieCruReception094 NatalieCruReception097 NatalieCruReception100 NatalieCruReception102 NatalieCruReception105 NatalieCruReception110 NatalieCruReception114 NatalieCruReception123 NatalieCruReception126 NatalieCruReception132 NatalieCruReception168 NatalieCruReception237 NatalieCruReception243 NatalieCruReception249 NatalieCruReception253 NatalieCruReception255

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